Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Map Download

Download Your Favorite BUSSID Mod Map And Explore A New World. Get The Latest BUSSID Indian Map, Indonesia Map, Kolli Map, Kerala Village, And Many More.

You can download and apply BUSSID MOD maps in this game. The different maps will give you extra adventures and you can explore the new location. There are many maps available including Kerala Village, Indian Goa Beach, Aayyappan, and many others.

In the BUSSID Komban bus simulator game, you can find different places and different maps. You can ride all over the world depending on the map.

As an Indonesian developer develops this game you can find all Indonesian places on the map. Also, All tourist Places like Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu, etc; are available on the map.

You have to choose where to go, the map will show you the right path. So that you can follow the path to reach your destination.

Bus Simulator Indonesia game provides you with a wide range of places you can go by bus. Enjoy your ride while applying different skins.

Below we will give you all details of how to apply a mod map in the bus simulator Indonesia game. Follow the instructions and go step by step to apply the mod map.

1. First, you can download all these mod maps from Komban Bus Skin App.

2. Open the game and click on MOD.

Mod Map Apply Step 1

3. Go to MAP, Click on Import.

Mod Map Apply Step 2

4. Click File Manager.

Mod Map Apply Step 3

5. Browse and select your downloaded map.

Mod Map Apply Step 4

6. Once your map is imported, then you can see a Play option. Click on Play to run the game.

Mod Map Apply Step 5