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Latest Komban Bus Skin Download

Download Latest Komban Bus Skin. Get Mod Maps, Skins, Buses and Sound In the Komban Bus Skin App. Download your favorite Bus Livery Skin for Bus Simulator Indonesia Game.

Hello, gamers !! Here we will give you the total details of the Bus Simulator Indonesia game. We will give you all the download info of Komban Bus Skin. As you know simulator games are pretty famous. You can find all kinds of simulator games like buses, trucks, bikes, and many more.

Komban bus skin is an app which is developed by truck mania. In this app, you can find all kinds of bus skin which you can apply to your bus. You can install this on your Android phone easily.

This application consists of different kinds of komban bus skin bussid files. You can find it fascinating as these skins can be applied to your bus. You can find the bussid files of local buses and tourist buses.

Komban bus skin is available for every device. The app size is small as it can run smoothly on your device. This app gives you a variety of skins that you can apply on your bus and can customize the designs.

You can also customize the lights in it as the light can change according to the skin’s designs. These are free to download. You can just apply it in your bus skin option to get changed.

What Is Bus Simulator Indonesia Komban Bus Skin?

Komban bus skin is an app that will modify your bus in a variety of ways. You will get plenty of skins to paste on your favorite bus. This app is Easy to download and skins are free.

Give your bus epic skins to show the other players. Impressive skins and unique designs are available in this app. If you are searching for different bus skins for your local or tourist bus komban bus skin app is the best choice for you.

Komban Bus Skin Apk is available for free for Android devices. It is the best app to get free skins for your bus. Just download the skins and apply them. This app is widely used in Indonesia as the game is pretty famous.

The bus simulator is good in every prospect of a simulator game. You can find the game interesting as the bus are all deluxe models, the street is also crowded, you can see other buses with new skins, the graphics are good, and the gameplay is smooth.

If you add skins to your bus you can see it looks amazing as game graphics are dull in comparison to bus skins. Komban bus skin can also be available in lots of varieties as some of them are real means you can see it in local buses.

All kinds of skins are available for local buses and tourist buses. You don’t have to spend any kind of game coins and money to get the skins. These skin are free.

We will also provide you with some of the extra skins as you can apply them on the bus. Simply install the APK and browse the skin files to the bus and apply it easily. Easy to use, skins are free and small in size, this is all komban bus skin has to offer.

Features Of Komban Bus Skin

Komban bus skin provides you with a lot of amazing skins which you can use on your bus. Having a lot of skin options makes your bus looks cool. You can get the app free from the below link.

You can stand out in front of other players with your bus skins. Komban bus skin also works for old Android mobile devices. After installing you can just download the unique bus skins.

After downloading them simply paste those skins into the bus to get your design. It is available for everyone, you can just simply get all those skin easily. Bus skins are available in two file format which is Bussid and IMG.

The bus simulator game is pretty amazing. You can drive big buses on the big map. As the game’s color sharpness is good. The color of our bus will look good in the game.

You can see different bus colors and stickers written like Komban, Jai Guru, Devil, and Men in Black. These stickers also come in colors. It is available in different colors and designs. From aesthetic to classic design you can find all. Some designs are pretty much cooler than others.

The komban bus skin apk is the perfect application to add the livery to your favorite bus. Whether it is a tourist bus or a local bus the colors and designs of the skins will look good.

You can play the bus emulator game easily on your device. The game takes place on private servers so you can have the chance to play with others players. Make sure to download the komban bus skin to add different kinds of skins to your bus.

Apk Info

App NameKomban Bus Skin Apk
Size17.0 MB
Requires Android4.0 and Up
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5
APK Provided Bykombanbusskin.com

How To Download Komban Bus Skin Apk?

It’s easy to download komban bus skin for your Android device. You can download it from the below link. We will provide you with a variety of skins that you can use on your bus. Just browse the folder where your skins are downloaded then paste it into the bus.

  • First click on the download link below to download the apk.
  • Then allow permission from unknown sources in your device.
  • Install the komban bus skin apk and enjoy the app.

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How To Use Komban Bus Skin Bussid File?

Here you can download komban bus skin easily. We will provide you with a variety of bus skins for free. The file format it is using is bussid files. You can see it in the app when you try to paste the skin on your bus.

It will give you instructions about how to apply and which file you need and the format of the files. In komban bus skin, you will find a large variety of skins in bussid file formats.

After downloading all the skin files you can easily paste them. We will also give you some extra skins for extra looks. The unique designs and amazing skins are the beauty of the komban bus skin app.

You can see the front view, back view, and side view of the bus when you apply the skins. Check all the views and apply them to your will. But I assure you each skin will look amazing on the bus. For this, you can see plenty of players who are using komban bus skin.

1. Simply download and install the apk from the above link. In the app, you can download all the skin, mod bus, mod map, and mod sound. Simply chose your skin and download.

2. Then, open the Bus Simulator ID game and go to the Garage option.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 1

3. Click on Livery and then click Browse Livery.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 2

4. Then, you can see a Choose with option. Just click File Manager.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 3

5. Here you have to select the skin pack. Just find the downloaded skin file and select and click on apply.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 4

6. It will ask to Use Money but you need to select the Free option.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 5

7. Apply them and enjoy driving.

Komban Bus Skin Bussid Step 6

How To Apply Komban Bus Livery Skin?

Applying the bus livery skin is easy. Here you can find all the details by which you can apply the skins. After installing the komban bus skin app you have to download the skin files.

Or you can download the below Skin Pack File, where we added all the latest bus skin. Just extract the files using any RAR app and you can see there are many skins available.

1. Open the bus simulator Indonesia game and open the Garage menu. There you can see a Livery option. Click on Browse Livery and click on the Devices Gallery option.

Bus Livery Skin Step 1

2. Then select your extracted skin image file and Apply. See! Easy right? Just follow the above steps to apply it on your bus.

Bus Livery Skin Step 2

10+ New Bus Simulator Indonesia Komban Bus Skin Download

thadathil bus skin


super bass jai guru compressed


ngs pink


moraza express


komban dragon skin


komban bus senpai skin


jetbus green


jai guru pink





colorful bus


Bus Simulator Indonesia Livery 2


Komban Bus Skin Download Light

As you know the komban bus skin app is popular among gamers. But if I say there is also light modification available for you. Could you believe it? Yes, of course. Here we will give you the download options of the Komban bus skin download light.

Here you can find attractive and unique designs. You can paste your designs into your beloved bus and the fascinating livery will change the look of your bus.

It can also modify the light of your bus. The more skins you have the more lights will change. A variety of colors, variety of designs make your bus look amazing. The skins aren’t available anywhere else. You can find it in the application itself.

All the premium skins are available in the komban bus skin light. It provides some extra skins which is a great help for you. In this app, you can find all kinds of skins, which you can apply to your Bus Simulator Indonesia Game.

If you are looking for a creative design you can find it in the komban bus skin apk. A variety of skins, a variety of colors, a variety of bus designs, variety of light modifications are all available in one app.

Try it and print it on your beloved bus to look cooler. Tourist buses or local buses the designs are a perfect fit for you. No need to hesitate to download komban bus skin.

You can customize the bus skin and light according to the skins. Bus simulator Indonesia komban bus skin is free to download. You can apply the skins of your choice.


This is all about the Komban Bus Skin. You can find the download info of the Bus Simulator Indonesia Game above and in that, you can also download the Komab skins of the bus easily.

If you have any trouble regarding komban bus skin you can comment down below in the comment box. For more bus skin-related applications follow our blogs and enjoy.

Thank you…


What Is Komban Bus Skin?

In BUSSID game there are many buses are available. Komabn bus is one of them. You can customize this komban bus skin. In the Komban Bus Skin Apk you can find many different types of skin.

What Is BUSSID Means?

BUSSID means Bus Simulator Indonesia. Its a short form name of this game.

Is Komban Bus Skin Apk Safe To Use?

Yes, its totally safe to use. There are millions of users use this app.

Can I Customize These Bus Skin?

Yes, there are some Bus Livery Templates available you can download and customize as per your need. You can use Photoshop, Canva or other image editor tool.

Can I Add Music Track In The BUSSID Game?

Yes, you can add your favorites music in the BUSSID game. By going Garage Menu – Music – Add Track – File Manager and select your mp3 file.