Bus Simulator Indonesia Komban Bus Mod Download

100% Free Download Latest BUSSID Komban Bus Mod. Download Your Favorite BUSSID MOD Vehicle.

Here are other great features you have in the Bus Simulator Indonesia Game. Except for the bus skin, you also download and apply MOD bus design.

In Komban bus skin, you will get different types of buses. You can just apply a bus design easily by following the simple process. The bus designs are very much accurate to the real world. Because you can find all kinds of vehicles in the Komban mod bus design.

The mod provides you with a wide range of vehicles starting from the minibus, coach bus, transit bus, taxi, minivan, truck, etc; you can enjoy the game by choosing one of them. The fun fact is everything is free. No game coins and money are needed to buy these skins.

Komban mod bus design comprises a variety of designs of buses also you can apply skins to these buses. The designs will change the light and also your bus will look good from every angle.

The local bus design and tourist bus designs are also available. Use the Komban mod bus design and enjoy the bus designs. Follow the process below to know how to apply these skins easily.

First of all, download the Komban Bus Skin Apk from the above link.

Download your favorite Komban bus design from the app.

1. Open the Bus Simulator Indonesia Game. Click on MOD from the left menu bar.

MOD Bus Apply Step 1

2. Here you need to Import your mod file. Click on Import.

MOD Bus Apply Step 2

3. Select File Manager.

MOD Bus Apply Step 3

4. Then browse and select the mod file from your mobile storage.

MOD Bus Apply Step 4

5. Click on FREE and enjoy.

MOD Bus Apply Step 5

6. You can select or change the bus from the Garage option.

MOD Bus Apply Step 6

7. Then, select your mod bus and click on Use.

MOD Bus Apply Step 7