JCB Mod for Bussid Download

Jcb crane mod and Jcb backhoe loader mod are available for bus simulator games. The JCB bulldozer model is quite good. You can feel the whole vibe of JCB in the bussid. Jcb mod is free to download and you can apply it by the below steps. In the street and highway users can roam around with jcb mod in the bus simulator Indonesia game.

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How to Import JCB Mod in BUSSID?

To ride jcb mod in bussid you need to import the mod file into the game. Download the mod file from below. Open the game and go to Mod, select the file and import. Then, go to Garage and use the JCB.

About JCB Mod

The price of jcb bulldozer is 35lakh- 38 lakh. Jcb’s operating weight is approximately 7500 kg. The same design and color combination of jcb is available in the bus simulator game. The view and the engine sound are also similar to real Jcb. The yellow and black combination of jcb mod looks good in Bus Simulator Indonesia game.

MOD NameJCB Backhoe Loader Mod
Size12.9 MB
jcb in the bussid game

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