JCB Crane Mod for Bus Simulator Indonesia

Do you guys know Joseph Cyril Bamford also known as jCB? JCB Crane Mod is available for the bus simulator game. You can drive the giant machine in the middle of the streets. The controls are easy and you will love it. The design of the JCB crane mod is so accurate. After changing into steering camera view you will feel real. Download the jcb crane mod from below and enjoy.

How to Apply JCB Crane Mod in BUSSID?

Click on the download button to get the mod file. To use this on bussid you need to import the mod file into bussid game. To do that, open the game and go to the MOD option and click on Import and select the mod file. After importing file go the Garage option for selecting the Jcb crane.

About Jcb Crane Mod

With a lifting capacity of 9330 kg jcb crane is used for many purposes. You can get the yellow design of the JCB crane mod in Bussid. Jcb crane is used for construction, truck unloading, tractor trolley unloading, etc; enjoy the Jcb crane mod in the bus simulator by driving it crazy.

MOD NameJCB Crane Mod
CreditGamer ChunkZ
Size22.3 MB
jcb crane in bussid

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